This tune I wrote in a coffee shop about 3 1/2 years ago. It was originally in 6/8 time and was designed for mandolin and guitar. I have kept some triple undertones, and integrated into a slow hip hop beat. The drum, piano, electric keys, and bass tracks are going to be on the upcoming album, but this is the naked cut before editing and enhancing the audio. I intend on keeping this one pretty simple. The vocals are just ghost tracks.

Don't Hide with Keys and Bass

This song was intended to reflect on daily conflict in our relations, and how with all that is in us, we strive to live peaceably. One of the more potent lyrics are: "You know my pride can't justify my indifference." I think we all long to be in community and sometimes have to go through bumps and bruises from each other. But love washes over a multitude of sins.