This is a song that came together about two weeks ago, and I decided to record it, even though I should be working on the album. I wrote it for our Church- fellowship church in Chippewa Falls (Micon Cinema), and we've played it a few times. This was mostly supposed to be a glorified practice recording, which could eventually be flipped in the studio as a single. I like some of the textures, but may change others, and reduce the business of the auxiliary keys. But... ran out of time for today! and I gotta post it. The text is centered around 2 Corinthians 5:15, which is said word for word in the chorus. The purpose of the song was to put the verse into song for the congregation to remember so that they might be reminded to live for Christ, and not themselves, because Christ is the only person worthwhile to please. It is somewhat of a landmark for me, starting two months ago... long story- ask me if you want to know!