Well.... it seems uncanny that each time I try to work in the studio, there is a direct obstacle or opposition to it- like sickness, or losing my mac hard drive today with all of the project files. My wife asked me after I had scoured the house today, "what are you going to do?" I said, "I'm going to record." It is all I can do right now... to operate in my circle of influence. Everything else is out of my control. I otherwise feel compelled to continue to put this music out there.... so whether as an album or a bunch of singles, the world is going to hear the specific message I have been entrusted with.

It is a song that was inspired by Touched Twice united, a free health care organization that meets people's needs in the name of Jesus Christ. So many things are done in the name of Jesus. It is nice to have something done that is helpful. For more info, go to their website.

Specs: I worked mostly with synth directly as midi files into Garage band. Did some actual audio from the R3 synthesizer as well. Guitar went direct due to time. Scratch vocals to ship out to the Touch twice united board meeting this weekend. Will be redoing the vocals later.