Q: What is Musical Branding?
A:  Musical Branding is the distinguishing of products, services or ideas through sounds or music.  Music provides the audience with memorable, powerful, and emotional associations with names or ideas.

Q: How fast can I get a musical product into my hands?
A: The process that we use to guarantee your complete satisfaction with your custom music can be accomplished in as little as two business days.  

Q: What is the process for getting my music?
A: We start with an interview and research on your basic information, brand and your surrounding market.  Our writers then produce a 'moch-up' of the music and deliver it on email.  Your first moch-up is free, any additional concepts will cost whatever production time our design services require at $25/hour.Pending your approval we sign an intent-of-purchase with a down payment, finish the recording, master it, and deliver it for your final inspection.  If you are completely satisfied with your musical product, we have two ways we can go: 1.) if your intended use is in a single media market area for a local single-location business, we sign over the copyrights to you, collect the final payment, and the recordings are yours! 2.) if your intended use is over multiple media market areas for a multiple-location business or franchise, we collect collect the final payment and hand over the master recordings, but maintain the copyrights.  After 13 weeks of usage, we charge an additional $15 per media market area (the internet counts as one market area), and collect every 13 weeks of usage for a re-use fee.

Q: How long can we use the music?
A: To prevent inconvenient usage regulations we sell most of our custom music forth-right, and submit full ownership and lifetime use to the client.  This would include personal use, or single-location businesses that cater to their specific region.  Exceptions to this are music for film, songs for performing/recording artists, and advertising music for television, internet or radio that is intended for national, or high-volume broadcast.  Please email for "re-use fee" details: mike@eartohearproductions.com

Q: What happens if after my purchase, we need additional editing?
A: We at Ear to Hear Productions stand behind our musical products.  Although by contract Ear to Hear Productions is not responsible for any other alterations of the material after the copyright has been signed over to you, we will adjust any perceived blemishes in the sound or file type at no cost.  Creative alterations, however, will be addressed by case scenario.

Q: How will Ear to Hear Productions put the music into the market?
A: Ear to Hear Productions is not responsible for the installment of the custom music that is designed for you.  Installment of your custom music can be accomplished by your web designer, phone service provider, or any radio/television production team.

Q: Do you guys do video? Either Viral or Commercial?
A: Although Ear to hear productions does not produce video for marketing or other, we are connected with those who can.  If you would like your custom music to be produced in a video for commercial use, either on the web or broadcast television, we will provide a free quote if you email: mike@eartohearproductions.com with your inquiry.
For your reference, please view:
Band Viral Video

Q: What other musical writing/recording services and products do you provide?
A:  Ear to Hear Productions operates with a simple objective: provide custom music that is excellent and effective.  This may apply to a broad range of opportunities:  mood-setting soundtracks, captivating back-tracks, entertaining music for enjoyment, inspirational music for performance, recording your music - to name a few.  If you are in need of excellent effective music for any reason, this is what we aspire to provide.