When it comes to building your brand, everything has a purpose: the name you choose, the way your website or business front looks, even down to the clothes you wear when you are representing your business.  The same applies to music.  Your business is not the same as the business down the street.  Your business is unique and important.  It is this uniqueness and personality we aspire to portray with the music that we write for you.

Quality Quick Print (30sec Jingle, Full Sing)

A Note From the Writer:  "Quality Quick Print is where I get all of my printing done because they are fast, always personable, and, well... quality.  When I sat down to put into music what I felt with their products and services, I found myself recollecting many past conversations with the guys regarding music preferences, politics, the weather, and business principles.  They were always quick at the draw with their dialogue, and so I thought it appropriate to represent that wit and good-nature in a rap and shout-chorus.  An immediate hit!" -M. J. Rambo, Writer for Ear to Hear Productions

Christie Mountain (30sec Doughnut with female voice-over)

A Note From the Writer: "Satisfying our clients is our top priority.  After viewing the website and reviewing the previous commercials for Christie Mountain, I knew they already had a strong brand- especially with the beloved "Blue Hills Beast"- a symbol of welcome and family fun.  Per Sue's request we incorporated children laughing in the background, of which we sampled by permission from Crestview Academy's playground in Eau Claire, WI.  We tweaked and turned until it was exactly what Sue wanted to hear.  It is always fun to reach a win-win situation.  That's what we do." -M. J. Rambo, writer for Ear to Hear Productions

Cap-N-Cork (Full 30sec Jingle)

A Note From the Writer: "After meeting Shawn and Julie-Ann Kluge at their winery and home-brew supply store on London Road in Eau Claire, I knew they needed something rare.  Based on previous commercials of theirs, I knew they weren't afraid to stretch the boundaries to be memorable.  At the time I thought, 'What is more appropriate to the sale of wine and creative beer than Irish pub music?'  The rest is history."    -M. J. Rambo, writer for Ear To Hear Productions

Gordy's County Market (Half 30sec Jingle)

*Special Note: Sale Pending*
A Note From the Writer:  "Special care has been taken at each Gordy's County Market store location in the Chippewa Valley to foster a 'County market' feel, from the way they present their produce in baskets, to the family, come-as-you-are atmosphere.  We've taken special care to create the same atmosphere with the music.  I visualized what a porch-band would sound like, greeting you as you came through the doors... and this is what we came up with."  -M. J. Rambo, writer for Ear to Hear Productions

Micon Cinemas (30 sec. Doughnut with voice-over)

A Note From the Writer:  "Mike Olson is one of the most reputable business owners in the Chippewa Valley, and is a pleasure to work with.  This 'jam' was designed to create a larger-than-life, celebratory atmosphere.  It was designed to make Micon Cinemas appear to be vibrant, exciting, and socially inviting- all through music.  A side note: notice the Phone number in the background with the synthesized voice.  You know who to call for a good time!"  -M. J. Rambo, Writer for Ear to Hear Productions

NAC (music bed with voice-over and tag)

*Special Note: Off Market (since NAC has since merged and created "NAC Solutions" it has not marketed with this excerpt)*
A Note From the Writer:  "The CEO was looking for a way to represent their company which was trend-setting, cutting edge, and swiftly growing.  I think we found a way to accurately depict that through music.  The recording created a morphing sensation... a feeling of innovation."  -M. J. Rambo, Writer for Ear to Hear Productions

"Mother Mary" - (Personalized Song- first Draft)

This is an example of a personalized song written for the owner's Mother for her retirement party.  Though it is in draft form (it was recorded as a practice recording for his brothers), it communicates the essence of the personalized song.  

End Of December (Band) (60sec Music Bed for Concert Intro)

A Note From the Writer:  "Tyler came to me for a facelift on [End of December's] live performance.  They wanted something that would envelop their audience and prepare them for the musical experience that was about to happen- create an emotional expectation, a suspense, and a larger than life feel (as people want to be impressed.)  I think we created that."  -M. J. Rambo, Writer for Ear to Hear Productions