We provide custom music for all of your business and personal needs!
*All prices as represented are based on the local market price and are entry level.  Prices may increase if a business is marketing through multiple markets, or is broadcasting nationally.  The music is assumed to be presented "forthright" and all ownership is transferred to the clients.

Music Bed
Description:  Designed for use in videos, tutorials, call-waiting, or for future voice-overs, music beds provide the perfect atmosphere for your brand.  Music beds are carefully designed around the mood that you want to communicate to your clients, and can leave the right impression without even using words!  
$80.00/15 sec.
$300.00/ 2 minutes
$400.00/ 5 minutes

Brand Tag
Description: This is a 4 - 8 second audio clip that is designed to present your brand name and any motto or tag-line with the same character and every ounce of energy that you put into your products and services.  Taylor-fit to put your brand in the best light, Brand Tags can leave your image fused to minds of your customers.
Price: $275.00

Description: Voice-Overs get out all of the information you want your customers and clients to know in style.  Our production team works with you to produce the right swagger and pace that is appropriate to your brand.  We can even send a team to record comments and voice from your business.  Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for your product and service brand!  We write skits and dialogues as well.
$10.00 / 5 seconds (finished product)
$40.00 Travel Fee* (within the Chippewa Valley)
*This is only if you request us to record at your location.

Description: The "Doughnut" is the industry term for a Musical Bed that is sandwiched by two Brand Tags.  Doughnuts are a great solution for businesses that would like people to remember their name, but want to save some money.  The musical bed provides any production company with the right mood to describe your business with a Voice-Over.  With the purchase of any doughnut, Ear to Hear productions will provide your first Voice-Over at half price!
Price: *not including voice-over at half price.
$320.00 / 15sec.  (you save $35.00)
$400.00 / 30sec.  (you save $35.00)
$460.00 / 60sec.  (you save $65.00)

30 Second Jingle Package
Description: Can we getting people humming your tune?  You bet!  Business information and personality are our forte.  Leave your brand stuck in peoples heads for years- and with style.  30 Second Jingle Packages include: A ditty about your company or business in various 30 second and 15 second cuts (including variations of "Doughnut" cuts for voice-overs), Brand Tag, and your first voice-over for 75% off!
*certain instrumentation, if requested by a business, may require additional charges.  Please email us with any questions.

60 Second Jingle Package
Description: Everything that the 30 Second Jingle Package has to offer, plus even more cuts of 15 second, 30 second, and 60 second jingle, an extended music bed, and your first two voice-overs free!
*certain instrumentation, if requested by a business, may require additional charges.  Please email us with any questions.

Personalized Songs (Not for Commercial use! Personal use only.)
Description:  A wonderful gift for loved ones: anniversaries, weddings, funerals, birthdays, you name it!  With our system, you chose what instruments, and what style of music you want.  Your first instrument is free! You may submit your own lyrics* or have us write them based on information you send about your loved one.  *Lyrics must be written by you or in public domain.  Poems or excerpts owned by others will require extra royalty fees on a situational basis.
$25 per additional instrument