Judgement...oh man.

This is a song I wrestled with over the course of this last week as we were preparing for a message on revelation 19. Ironically, most songwriters try to stay away from subject matter about God's judgement. I think I wrestle with the subject of God's judgement because of an incomplete picture of God, or trying to make him fit into my mold. Apparently he is holy, and he won't put up with the proud forever, who say there is no God or that he doesn't care or doesn't matter. The text is from Revelation 19, and the rap is largely from psalm 9 and psalm 94 which talk about God's vengeance, and about Justice. His vengeance is the only valid vengeance, because his judgement is true and righteous (Rev. 19). As for my judgement, I can't tell the difference between a good wine and crappy one. So I found out that I would make a not so good MC. but that doesn't change the fact that I like to rap once in a while. Raps are very difficult to write for me, and they only last about 15 seconds. Crap. But I need to find someway to say all that I feel compelled to say without busying the song. So i guess I'll "testify." Most of the tracks aren't pure electronic tracks, they are actually played manually, hence- a little rough around the edges. Also, my voice isn't really working this week. But it works for a practice track. Dan- I miss you bro. This would be glorious to jam out on together.