New Singles Released!

New Single Released!  I just needed to ship something, instead of pining.  So after my wife's encouragement, I arranged to take a week off from teaching lessons to spend in the Studio.  "Everything was written and recorded from start to finish throughout that week, and was later mastered by Evan Middlesworth of Pinehollow Studios.   This was one of two singles released in April for the "Not for Sale" tour, a movement designed to equip people to do justice regarding human trafficking.  Everything is about my personal surrender to Jesus Christ, and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the bible.  Nothing in this world compares to him.  He is making himself known to us through creation, through his Spirit, and through his Word as articulated in the Bible.  He is everything that is worth-while, because he made everything including me, and my soul.  Listen to a sample, and download it here.